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    KRONOTEX laminate is used in homes, offices, retail establishments, and hotels, among other places.


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Who lays laminate?
You can have laminate laid by professional floor fitters whom you can employ in the same way as other tradesmen. If you buy laminate from a specialist dealer, you can normally take advantage of installation as part of their service. People who buy laminate flooring frequently decide to simply lay it themselves. Click laminate, in particular, can be installed without any prior knowledge or special DIY skills. In the DIY scene, installing laminate is regarded as definitely feasible.
Who invented laminate?
The Swedish company Perstorp in Trelleborg developed a laminate material as a floor covering in 1977 and launched it on the market in 1980. The first HPL floor (High Pressure Laminate) with particle board and a wood veneer was produced. Previously, laminate had been used since the 1920s for work surfaces, window sills and wall panels.
What does laminate flooring consist of?
Laminate consists of several layers fused together to which paper is attached with different patterns or decors. As High Density Fibreboard (HDF) is used as the substrate for the paper, laminate flooring has a wood content of around 90 percent.
How is laminate disposed of?
Laminate can be simply disposed of with non-recyclable waste. If the volume is so high that normal waste bins are not sufficient, please take the old laminate to the recycling or refuse disposal centre. Some local authorities also offer bulky waste collections where laminate can be included.If your new floor is laid by a specialist company, the tradesmen will in most cases take charge of disposing of the old laminate.If you are carrying out renovations or refurbishments on a larger scale and you order a skip, you can also throw your old laminate into it.
What laminate thicknesses are available?
KRONOTEX laminate panels are available in thicknesses of 8 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm. Thinner laminate is usually required, for example, when it has to fit under doors. Thicker laminate is naturally more stable and also quieter. The thicker the panels, the more stable the connection as the click connection for KRONOTEX laminate matches the thickness of the panels.From Performance Class 33 (commercial) onwards, KRONOTEX panels are at least 10 mm thick.
Can you also use laminate as wall panelling?
Yes, you can also install laminate on walls. You will either need a substructure for attaching them, or the panels are glued directly.But beware: If you fit laminate flooring to walls, you are not using it for its intended purpose. This will invalidate any guarantee or warranty
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